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sadks#10 6
windows 7
Ed#22 1
Kubuntu :)
Guest#30 0
win 7 cannot be beat
Guest#40 0
Inder#50 1
I'm currently using Windows 7 and happy with it.

However have read some good things about Windows 10 and reserved a copy (via small Windows icon near the clock; dunno how it came about in there but heyho, free copy of Windows 10!) I'm chuffed!

GA#61 0
I click on driver download, enter code, then goes to another page to download something else which has a timer on it to accept the download and then the option to download what you were on here for arrives click on that and then it tells you that timer has run out of time re enter code to download and then go's around in circles again. What a crock this web site is.
poe#70 0
you using a mac? that explains everything
MikoXable#81 2
Guest#90 0
Rene#100 1
Windows 7 profissional 64 bits
Herlambang#113 0
Android :)
Poe#120 0
Windows 7 x64 professional will be the best os for many years to come, win10 is full of bloatware and macs just suck.
Andy Robins#130 0
Puppy Linux :)
Guest#140 0
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Tony Cash#150 0
Windows 7 forever.
India#160 0
Windows 7 forever.
f.a#170 1
windows xp
Guest#180 0
using 10. its better than 8 or vista, but 7 beat them all.
dirk#190 0
Mint 17.3 xfce
dr.fritzlakritz#200 0
Ubuntu Mate 14.04 64 bit
rocket#210 1
Ubuntu Forever
vvp#220 0
windows 10 - Это деревянные счеты с передвижением костяшек по НАНО - технологиям . и к тому же следит за тобой , даже когда ты кушаешь и какаешь .

windows 10 Is a wooden abacus with the movement of the knuckles on NANO - technology . and besides, watching you , even when you eat and cocoa .

Олег#230 0
Я в настоящее время использую Windows 7 и счастлива с ним.
kei#240 0
I use lubuntu.
Zyklon#250 0
Mac OS X since OS X 10.0.0 beta (i don't remember codeversion name was cheetah or puma)
john#260 0
Guest#270 1
only win xp the best
Guest#280 0
windows 8.1 pro
john#290 0
windos 7 is the best all versions of win8 and win10 really really really suck suck suck
Thomas#300 0
Windows 10 dual boot Linux Peppermint 6. For email, downloading, banking and surfing the Internet I only use Linux. Windows 7 or XP were my favorite Windows OS. Windows 10 is the same product in a new layout. It takes some time to find your way around. We should buy a product and it be able to continually upgrade itself to present day standards that is why I choose Linux over any OS.
Guest#310 0
cochi#320 0
win 10 looks like a 2D cell phone... really crappy , I spend money on building my system and I want it to look and feel expensive with as many lights and fans as possible then I want to desktop to look like a 3D VR sleek system ... windows 10 makes it look like an Atari game . I still have an old super Nintendo that is more 3D than win 10. So its windows 7 for me until they yank their heads out and give us a decent looking system.
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