Samsung Galaxy TabPro S - a tablet with the Windows-keyboard

Connectors and Controls

Usually, the number of connectors and buttons on a tablet is not higher than that of a smartphone. But the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a Windows-based device, which are usually "stuffed" in full. Lets take, for example, the Surface Pro 4 - it has a full-size connector USB 3.0, a slot for microSD memory cards, a 3.5 mm mini jack for headphones and a headset, and Mini DisplayPort. But the South Korean product looks much more modest in this regard its not surprising, if we remember how thin it is.

amera Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Only the front camera and the LED about its work are placed above the screen

amera Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

A slightly protruding lens of the rear camera produces the only interest on the back side. It would seem - such a whopper, and the lens is "sticking". But do not forget about the slim body. Besides, it doesnt cause any problems.

The bottom end Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

The interface terminals for connection of the keyboard are placed at the bottom.

The top end Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Above you can see much more: a power button, a volume control, a microphone and two small plastic inserts of the antenna. In this case, only Wi-Fi.

The left side Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

On the left, there is another button that seems a bit misleading - it is located very close to the power button, so it is not clear what should be pressed to turn on the tablet. Especially if we take into account the fact that if the tablet is completely turned off, it is necessary to hold the button for a few seconds. So you hold the wrong button, damn it and then start pressing the second one with much greater fierce.

Meanwhile, this button is made to ... surprise-surprise, to call the Start menu or the Start screen - a sort of the button "Home". Next to it there is a speaker.

The right side Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

All the connectors are at the bottom of the right side: a 3.5 mm mini jack for headphones or a headset, and the second connector is USB Type-C, to be more precise, USB 3.1, providing transmission speed up to 10 Gbit / s.

Cool? Not really. Just remember the Apple MacBook, the 12-inch one, with exactly the same set of ports. Do you remember its tricks? I remind you: the package includes only the charging cable while connecting to the rest of the periphery requires a separate adapter, bought for a lot of money separately. I do not know at how much will Samsung evaluate such an accessory, but it would be better to include it into the standard package, at least somehow compensating for the disadvantage of taking it on you all the time. We had the tablet in the pre-sales variant, so its packaging in the retail version cannot be judged.

The second speaker is placed to the right, and ... did you not notice that something is missing? Indeed, the memory card slot! In the "professional Galaxy TabPro S there is no microSD support! By God, it seems like Samsung is going to compete with the MacBook, not the iPad Pro. If so, write about it in the comments it would not be out of place.


We cannot rate the Samsung Galaxy TabPro Ss packaging to the full extent, as the tablet came to the test in a featureless white box. However, we could find inside of it something besides the device itself.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S packaging

It is not difficult to guess that this is a charging and a USB-cable. It should be mentioned, that the charger is two or three times bigger than a usual one of a smartphone or a tablet, if you take a typical Android-tablet. We can understand it, for it is nearly a laptop, and even has a keyboard included. But the keyboard will be examined in the next section, so now I will pay attention to the USB-cable. On the one side it has a typical "plug", the so-called USB Type-A, and on the other hand - USB Type-C from USB 3.1. The cable looks solid and of high quality, and at the same time it is still a kind of rarity.

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