Good sound for those who are not satisfied with the onboard solution
More09/25/2014 /
Good sound for those who are not satisfied with the onboard solution
More09/25/2014 /
The first smartwatch from Samsung - almost a smartphone with a small body
More12/19/2013 /
A cost-effective, 7-inch tablet PC from a renowned manufacturer
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Cook said he's been open about his sexual orientation for years with friends and colleagues
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The Microsoft Band is now available in limited quantities in the U.S. at
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October 31

Cook said he's been open about his sexual orientation for years with friends and colleagues
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The Microsoft Band is now available in limited quantities in the U.S. at
06:48 | | Hardware
October 30

The Chinese manufacturer just unveiled called R5, measuring just 4.85 mm thick
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A new stable version of Skype for Windows that features a new user interface 
07:30 | | Software
October 29

It's still unclear which exact resolution the company will go with, as both 3,840x2,160 and 4,096x2,160 can be called 4K
13:43 | | Hardware
October 28

Logitech Cube Review. Stylish Wireless Mouse and PresenterThe Logitech Company in the first hand known to the domestic consumer by its keyboards and mice. However, the product range of the company has quite unusual devices as well. For example, Logitech Cube presenters that were first shown at the beginning of this year at CES 2012. The new product arose quite of an interest, still at the present moment, one we acquainted with it closer several drawbacks become evident. Firstly, it is just inconvenient to use the device in the mouse function. On the other hand the device is a really good presenter.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Reveiw. High-quality Affordable Tablet From The Renowned Manufacturer The Samsung Company has become the first huge manufacturer which gave its response to the production of iPad in 2010. The counter-move was expressed in the form of the new 7-inch tablet computer Galaxy Tab. The new device reminded of a big phone and had Android 2.2 system installed with a bit improved shell. Since that time new tablet Android 3 and 4 versions have already been manufactured, thus it is not surprising that the company renewed its product range. Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is already the third mass 7-inch tablet computer of the company.


The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Review. The Second Generation Minimalism The smartphones of the Samsung Company are famous for their combination of quality, features and comparatively reasonable price. That manufacturer tries to compete in all the price categories including the lowest-price one. A year ago the phone Galaxy Mini was presented in that category. In the first place the phone stood out for its price. For now the Galaxy Mini 2 is already being produced. Definitely, it wont become the cheapest phone from the Galaxy product range, but all its parameters have been improved. The novelty will deserve the name the best novelty if the price is affordable.


Samsung SP-H03 review. Mobile pico-projector in useThe Samsung Company is on up-grade today. It is swiftly working up the market of mobile phones and smartphones, and its profits enable it to create unique and high-quality products as well as to experiment with new technologies. Pico-projectors are one of the relatively new trends of the South Korean manufacturer. A pico-projector is a miniature of a regular projector. This device is notable for its small size and can be compared to a packet of cigarettes. It is able to display an image of 100" in diagonal, though. There appears a question: whether its going to be of a good quality? This article answers it and tells what else the pico-projector Samsung SP-H03 is capable of.


The Future of Computer Games: OnLive, Gaikai, Console Online Services, etcThose people whose childhood fell on the happy nineties, at least most of them, remember what the hunt for innovative at that time computer games was like. They could be called computer only at a stretch since the majority of the middle class in our country used to do with available games devices like Dendy or SEGA, cartridges for which cost as much as half of the device. Then there appeared computers with diskettes and disks. The latter kind of data storage device is still popular, but is it going to stay dominant long? The producers of Blu-ray are seriously concerned about movies brought online. But is the same going to happen to games? Judging by the latest events, it is very likely. Besides, the ideas of certain individuals have gone further you wont have to download a game, just get an image from the Internet that has been drawn on a remote server. It already exists and works now. And this article tells how it works and where it exists.

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